Already have a PARCS system in place but it is not quite up to your needs? Need a new system from scratch? We can integrate our equipment with existing technology or work with you to develop something new from the ground up. Digital solutions for event parking, parking systems that can integrate with hotel key card systems, and more. We take pride in modern looking, user friendly, web based solutions that handle expansion effortlessly when needed.

Louisville Trophy Aegon Building

400 West Market Street, Suite 2440, Louisville, KY 40202

Installation of new and replacement of existing PARCS.

The Hines, Trophy Aegon Building, by using Pay on foot technology was able to eliminate cashier booths from their system entirely. They are also using HID cards and a TagMaster AVI reader and tag system in this Class A, and tallest, office building in Louisville. They have established a nesting area for special rates on the top floor of the facility. Although the e:Val has been installed and is ready for use, they are still using paper validations prepared at the Skidata desktop unlimited coder. Commend intercoms are installed throughout the facility.

The Galt House Hotel and Suites

140 N. Fourth St., Louisville, KY 40202

Installation and replacement of existing PARCS and integration with Hotel Key Service.

The Galt House Hotel and Suites is using a variety of Skidata equipment. Client satisfaction was their utmost goal. Guardlink installed Pay in Lane, Pay on Foot, and Cashier technologies at this site. In addition, they are using proximity readers and "fit-all" readers for operation. The "fit-all" solution will accomodate users who have paid for events happening at the adjacent Yum Center for the University of Louisville and other activities. A Skidata approved bar code can be attached to a hang tag to be used for entry and egress for those participants. The Hotel guests are, because of the Skidata solution, able to use their room key card to access and leave the hotel parking garage as well as another garage across the street from the main area. All devices in the main garage are equipped with a Commend intercom system.

Queen City Square Towers

Eagle Realty Group, LLC, 421 E. Fourth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Installation of new PARCS, AVI, and intercom system.

Queen City Square, Cincinnati's tallest and newest built office building is utilizing Pay on Foot and Credit Card only units located in all of their high traffic areas. Credit Card in and out is also accepted. This facility wanted to keep their current intercom system so Guardlink incorporated their existing system into the new Skidata products in accordance with their wishes. They are using HID cards and a TagMaster AVI reader and tag system. This is an extremely high profile installation catering to some of the most influential business enterprises in this area.

City of Covington, Kentucky Parking Garages

City of Covington, Covington, KY

Installed new equipment in three garages.

The City of Covington embarked on a project to replace all of the equipment in the city owned garages by using the Skidata Proximity Access System, Pay in Lane, and Pay on Foot units, Commend Intercom and e:Val Validation systems. The facilities serve a variety of clients throughout the city from offices, hotels, convention center, city employees, and normal transient traffic.